Peter M. Johnston Gravenhurst District Councillor

Thanks to all of you who supported me in my successful election as a Gravenhurst District Councillor! I will be your strong voice and advocate on both Councils for the next four years.

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I highly recommend Peter as a manager, an instructor, a mentor, and a friend. He is one of the main reasons that Delter ran so well and that teachers not only finished their contracts, but renewed again and again. You would be hard pressed to find another individual with his management acumen, much more his outstanding character.

shelley timmins

Export Program Manager, Google

My Top Three Priorities:

Preservation and Protection of our Natural Resources & Municipal Infrastructure

Maintenance of our waterways, roads, buildings, parks, bridges, and more is obviously important, but so is finding ways to improve them and make them resistant to climate change and a growing population.

An Accessible and Attainable Housing Stock

Housing is a basic human right. We need to take active steps now to safeguard it for all current and future residents.  

Creating a More Diverse Commercial Sector

We need to recognize & promote the contributions of all local business, and actively encourage new sustainable economic growth.

Praise and Testimonials

Peter has exceptional skills in the area of communication, problem solving, managing people, and creative thinking. His positive attitude, common sense, strong interpersonal skills, and solid knowledge of municipal government made him an invaluable member of our team.

lynn buckham, retired regional director, northern ontario, provincial government

I worked with Peter in my capacity as a Clerk/Treasurer and as a Mayor for a small municipality. We have remained friends, as well, for over 20 years.
Peter has a vast amount of knowledge in many areas. He was so helpful in his capacity as Senior Advisor at MMAH.
Peter will succeed in any goal he sets.

peggy greco, cao/administrator, prince township

Peter is very thorough and knowledgeable. He is an extremely trustworthy and principled person. In any project or business, I would want Peter on my team.

elizabeth mcgrath, senior economist, ontario ministry of finance

During my time at Delter in Beijing, Peter Johnston was a great boss, colleague, lecturer, and friend. He was well-liked by everyone, very professional, and caring. 

brian schwarz, business professor & consultant

About Peter M. Johnston

Peter Johnston was born and raised in Muskoka, returning after university to settle down and start a family. He served as the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer and Clerk-Administrator for the Town of Gravenhurst, and was elected District Councillor, serving on both the local and Muskoka Councils. 

Leaving in the mid-80s, Peter served 12 years as a Senior Advisor with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in Sudbury, the last of which he was the Acting Regional Manager for all of northeastern Ontario. 

Moving to China in 1997, he next served as the Executive Vice President of Operations for a chain of Canadian business colleges.

Returning to Canada in 2013, Peter accepted the job of Chief Administrative Officer for Bonfield municipality near North Bay - a position he held until 2021 - while living full-time in his hometown of Gravenhurst.